Saturday, May 30, 2009

Post 6 Essay 3 research questions

These are not all, but some questions I've asked my interviewee were:

Due to the economical talk of recession Do you think this is a career which can last through the recession?

Working in this field what gives a person status/what are some levels of status?

Are you able to seperate work from home, how does work effect your personal life with friends or family?

Looking from an outside perspective how do you feel society views your field of work?

What inspiring words of motivation do you have for someone who wants to enter the same work field as you?

What is the most tramadic and the most amazing thing that ever happened to you on your job?

What are some obstacles you felt that you have faced in your life time and looking back now how did you feel you have overcome them?

What I've Learned from the interview

The person I interviewed was really passionate about her job she also mentioned that even though she doesnt make alot, she is very PASSIONATE in what she does as a vet, she mentions its not only because she likes animals that why she choose to become a vet but its because of her love to see people happy when their pets are helped. Some bodly guestures I noticed were that she became very sensitive when we would dissuss anything to deal with time, for instance how long was she in this feild of work, how old is she, when she graduated, subjects like this she was uneasy about. Overall she is a very inspiring person who is well educated and it was a pleasure meeting, talking, and learning from her.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

post 2

In my community, your status depends on what type of job you have, your educational level, and even the name brands you wear. I myself began to develop this mentallity based on my environment, and tried to fit in. But now I've learned to ignore these perceptions I make of people and realized that people will always judge you based on the choices you make in life whether good or bad.

post 1

I used to work in a super-market and my daily routines were cashing customers groceries, restocking the store at night and sometimes unexpected chores we had to do. Working in the super-market you alwayz had to have a friendly deposition even if you were unhappy or sick, it played a very emotional toll on me and I really hated this job. I dont think there is any changes you could make of this job being you had to maintain a welcoming environment for customers, and keep the legendary policy " the Customer Is Always Right" going. I just wouldnt want to work as a cashier in a super-market again.

post 5

The Film Mardi Gras: Made In China, has really opened up about my perception of the third world countries, not only has it taught me vauable lessons such as taking things given to us here in the U.S for granted as far as our rights of working, but it also showed me connections between the business industry and gobalization, and how they go hand in hand.

post 3

Well I grew up in a house mostly filled with women, but as a child I always taught that women were suppose to cook, clean, and take care of all house chore duties while the men were suppose to provide for the family by working and controlling all the financial needs of the home. I was given the perception that women belong in the home and only the men work. Later on in life my whole perception changed I now believe that it is ok for women to go out and work to support her family, that sexual diferences should not matter in a household as long as each person is willing to take care of the family and create an stable decent living for the family.

Post 6

Although I havnt got a clue as to what my research question will be yet I think I want to link the connection between, Jobs that are highly respected based on society's perception but still has wages of an low waged service job, I would also use this research to make a connection to Nickel and Dimed by Barbara Ehrenirech.